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I.C.T. (Information and Communication Technologies)

The school provides a high level of access to computers for our children. As well as a computer suite of 32 computers there are computers in each classroom and a cluster of laptops in the Resource Centre. There are 35 netbooks available for student use.. We also have 270 ipads that are used R-7. All staff have a laptop and ipad for personal use and access to ongoing professional learning and training in ICT. All children are taught safe and appropriate use of the internet. All children participate in specialised lessons in the Computer Suite as part of the Resource Based Learning program . Teachers also negotiate other timeslots when they work with children on tasks requiring computers. Each classroom has access to computers, an interactive whiteboard, multifunction printer and digital camera.


North Adelaide Primary School is proceeding with a ‘Bring your own device’ (BYOD) program for Years 5-7 students in 2018. This program is voluntary and will provide students (in Years 5-7) the opportunity to bring their own iPad along to school to be used in class as an additional learning tool. Students not participating in the BYOD will be provided with a device however it will not be sent home.

Apple Education offers parents options for purchasing iPads at a reduced price.

Information about this BYOD program is highlighted in the links below.


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